When Pigs Run 26.2 miles | Cincinnati, Ohio

On Sunday, I woke up at 4:45 AM to cover the Flying Pig Marathon. It was the giddiest I have ever felt before 6 AM. After being away in DC for the past four months, I was eager to take part in this wonderful Cincinnati tradition. It all started in 1999 with the first race, and now 15 years later it is a staple in the community. It has evolved into a weekend celebration, including races for kids, dogs and babies (Diaper Dash). In 2009, I walked the half with my dad. And two years later, I witnessed a blind runner win the women’s division, when I photographed it for the Enquirer.

Over 36,000 people ran the race this year. Droves of crowds lined the streets cheering, offering free hugs, water, food and high-fives. Witnessing the magic of the marathon gives me such pride in the city I call home. The morning was full of fun and challenges, like navigating miles of closed roads, transmitting from the field and talking a U-Haul manager into letting me on the roof (Thanks LaQueen!). A big thanks to The Enquirer for inviting me to be apart of it this year!

VOGEL_01#1 Sergio Reyes of California finished first for the third straight year. He has won the Pig a total of four times.

VOGEL_12Crossing the Taylor-Southgate Bridge into Newport, Kentucky

VOGEL_09Hydrating in Twin Lakes Park

VOGEL_11Mile 7, Eden Park

VOGEL_08Shriners offers hugs to a very enthusiastic runner

VOGEL_07Mile 10, Gilbert Avenue for Half Marathoners

VOGEL_06Gilbert Avenue Support

VOGEL_03Yep, he juggled the entire marathon. Mile 11, Hyde Park Square

VOGEL_02Mile 21, Eastern Avenue

Thanks for looking!


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