This is one of my favorites from Alyssa’s senior portrait session last weekend. I met this bubbly redhead, when I coached her 5th grade volleyball and basketball teams. It is hard to believe she is already graduating from Seton High School. I am so happy that she will be attending Ohio University in the fall. This girl has a bright future ahead of her, and I can’t wait to see where she will go!

When Pigs Run 26.2 miles | Cincinnati, Ohio

On Sunday, I woke up at 4:45 AM to cover the Flying Pig Marathon. It was the giddiest I have ever felt before 6 AM. After being away in DC for the past four months, I was eager to take part in this wonderful Cincinnati tradition. It all started in 1999 with the first race, and now 15 years later it is a staple in the community. It has evolved into a weekend celebration, including races for kids, dogs and babies (Diaper Dash). In 2009, I walked the half with my dad. And two years later, I witnessed a blind runner win the women’s division, when I photographed it for the Enquirer.

Over 36,000 people ran the race this year. Droves of crowds lined the streets cheering, offering free hugs, water, food and high-fives. Witnessing the magic of the marathon gives me such pride in the city I call home. The morning was full of fun and challenges, like navigating miles of closed roads, transmitting from the field and talking a U-Haul manager into letting me on the roof (Thanks LaQueen!). A big thanks to The Enquirer for inviting me to be apart of it this year!

VOGEL_01#1 Sergio Reyes of California finished first for the third straight year. He has won the Pig a total of four times.

VOGEL_12Crossing the Taylor-Southgate Bridge into Newport, Kentucky

VOGEL_09Hydrating in Twin Lakes Park

VOGEL_11Mile 7, Eden Park

VOGEL_08Shriners offers hugs to a very enthusiastic runner

VOGEL_07Mile 10, Gilbert Avenue for Half Marathoners

VOGEL_06Gilbert Avenue Support

VOGEL_03Yep, he juggled the entire marathon. Mile 11, Hyde Park Square

VOGEL_02Mile 21, Eastern Avenue

Thanks for looking!

Morning on Tonsai from the Archives

iPhone VII

While clearing off hundreds of photos on my phone this weekend, I was reminded that I needed to post an installment of iPhone photos. These photos were taken in Thailand from June to November of 2013. During this time, I carried my camera with me everywhere and rarely took pictures on my phone. So this is a slim selection, but highlights some of the great moments and people during my travels.SummerAutumn_2013

A Year Ago On Fat Tuesday

IMG_1399Missing the amazing adventure I had with three friends last year down in New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

From the Top of Great American Tower | Cincinnati, Ohio


During the holidays, I had the opportunity to photograph an assignment for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Cincinnati. The future stadium for the Atlanta Braves will be built to have a similar atmosphere to The Banks, which is the surrounding area near Great American Ball Park and is filled with housing, bars, restaurants and parks. I was fortunate to have the unique perspective of looking down on the area from the highest point in the city on top of the Great American Tower (666 feet high). To check out the photos for the story, click here. The following are some outtakes of my beautiful hometown.




A Walk On The Beach | Koh Yao Yai, Thailand


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